Glow Up Your Life

5 ways to get out of a FUNK

February 08, 2022 Casey Rose
Glow Up Your Life
5 ways to get out of a FUNK
Show Notes

Hey Hey Glow Hang!! Welcome back to another Glow Up Pep Talk!!

Inside of today's episode I am going to be giving you my top 5 ways to move through a funk!!!


-How to give yourself space to honor your emotions
-How to soften the feelings you have around being in a funk
-My top 5 tips to working through a funk!

And reminder, the doors to Self Doubt Detox officially close tomorrow, February 9th!! You can click here to jump inside this 4 week long program!!

As mentioned inside of the episode, here are some links to support you in moving through your funk! 

Free EFT Tapping- Tap with Brad
Breath work with Owaken Breathwork
Kundalini Yoga with Anna Tansley
Free Guided Wimfof Breathwork method
Dr. Joe Dispenza "Breaking The Habit of Being Yourself"

There are unlimited resources on Youtube!! Use what you feel called to, and remember, there is NO right or wrong way!!! You get to choose what works best for you!! Give yourself space. You got this ❤️