Glow Up Your Life

My #1 tip to feeling in control? EXPECT TO BE.

March 29, 2022 Casey Rose
Glow Up Your Life
My #1 tip to feeling in control? EXPECT TO BE.
Show Notes

Whaddup whaddup!!

Before pushing play..I want you to ask yourself "Did I actively choose how I wanted to feel today? Did I EXPECT the best to happen? Or did I let situations outside of me dictate how I felt and reacted?"

Girlfiend listen up!

One of the biggest keys to owning your mindset is to start to EXPECT things to go the way you desire them to go!

If you are sick of your mind running you, then you need to actively take your power back and CHOOSE to EXPECT life to work for you instead of against you!!

Learn my favorite practice for creating and living your ideal day inside of today's episode!

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This is for you if:
-You feel trapped and exhausted by the inner dialogue of your mind
 -You crave a life of confidence and empowerment but feel stuck
 -You are sick of spending so much time worrying about what others think
 -You don’t know how to prioritize yourself and put yourself first
 -You want to feel in control of your mind vs. letting your mind control you!

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Now go make this a KICK ASS DAY!