Glow Up Your Life

You are not "separate" from your dream life!!

May 24, 2022
Glow Up Your Life
You are not "separate" from your dream life!!
Show Notes

Hey hey Glow GANG!

I have a super special episode for you today, because I am actually sharing a module from within Mindset Mastery Academy!! (My 10 week life changing course!)

My paid programs are where the TRUE magic happens, but this conversation felt too special not to share with world!!


-What the "illusion of separation" is
-How your focus on separation and lack is actually keeping you STUCK
-Understanding the energetics of focusing on your "not enough-ness" and the role it plays in perpetuating your current reality
-How to tune into the WHOLENESS of who you are in order to manifest your dream life!
-Why radical self love and self acceptance is the KEY to creating your desired reality!

So push play for a sneak peak inside of Mindset Mastery Academy and allow this episode to fuel your manifestations and empower you to create your dream life!! 

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Happy listening!!