Glow Up Your Life

Feel the Fear & DO IT ANYWAY

July 19, 2022 Casey Rose
Glow Up Your Life
Feel the Fear & DO IT ANYWAY
Show Notes

What's up Glow Getters?!

Today we are talking about FEAR. More specifically, how that "fear" around failure and judgement is the biggest thing holding you back from living as your dream self and building your dream life!! Because here's the will NEVER feel ready!!!! There will always be something that comes up and tries to hold you back.

But what IF you did it anyway?
What IF you felt the fear and still went for it?
What would life look like if you took a chance on yourself? 

Because the next 5 years is going to go by regardless. So would you rather continue living the same old story trapped within the fear of failure? Or would you rather face that fear head on and make moves even when you're scared because you KNOW something good will come from it?! 

So what are you waiting for?! Click play for supportive questions you can ask yourself to help you overcome the fear around being ready for your dreams!

And just a reminder, the Body Love program kicks off next week beginning July 25th!! If you are ready to dive head first into that fear, click the link below to get your booties inside!!

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