Glow Up Your Life

How to Find Fulfillment in Life - with Kelsey Smith

March 15, 2022
Glow Up Your Life
How to Find Fulfillment in Life - with Kelsey Smith
Show Notes

Glow Gang!! Today I had the honor of interviewing multi-business owner Kelsey Smith of "Momma Has Goals"!

Kelsey shares her personal journey with feeling unsatisfied in life and the journey she went through to find fulfillment all while navigating motherhood & entrepreneurship!


-How to find fulfillment and purpose in life
-Navigating roadblocks such as time featuring Kelsey's top time management tips
-How to maintain a healthy mindset that supports your growth
-Navigating motherhood, confidence, mom guilt & comparison!

Kelsey's app "Momma Has Goals" is now live!! Click here to register for your first month free! 

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You can find Kelsey on Instagram at @mommahasgoals

More about Kelsey! 
Kelsey is a wife, mom of two, multi-business owner, and hype woman! After being put under for surgery following delivery complications of her first son, Kelsey had the realization that while she had accomplished many "goals" they weren't goals that brought her fulfillment. Kelsey's mission is to help all current and aspiring mommas find their highest self in and outside of motherhood.