Glow Up Your Life

Reversing burnout & focusing on well-being with Rachael Bonetti

February 15, 2022
Glow Up Your Life
Reversing burnout & focusing on well-being with Rachael Bonetti
Show Notes

What's up Glow Gang! Today we have a very special guest, former Executive Assistant turned entrepreneur, Rachael Bonetti!

Rachael shares her journey as an Executive Assistant to high performing CEO's and how the job left her feeling burnt out, unrecognized and dealing with health issues that doctors wrote off as "just stress" without any support in how to manage it.

Inside of this episode Rachael shares her top well-being hacks to support both physical and mental health, and how she reversed her burnout and found fulfillment!


-How to recognize burnout and recognize when it's time to make changes
-Top well-being tips to support a healthy body and mindset
-Meditation and Mindfullness techniques to improve mental well being
-How to set boundaries in order to protect your well-being
-How to reduce stress in your everyday life!

You can connect with Rachael through her links below, along with learning more about her Virtual Retreat coming up this February 22nd, 2022!

Empowered EA Retreat

More about Rachael:
In September last year Rachael blew up her 27 year corporate career as an EA to CEOs, taking her side hustle - providing EAs with the training and development she wished existed through her career - full time. Her personal experience with career related burnout drives her to be a wellbeing advocate and she mentors busy and stressed individuals to restore work-life balance and help them to thrive again. This passion inspired her to train as a meditation and breath-work guide and a Wayapa practitioner.